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Conference Support
The IOIRP, International Organization of Innovative Research and Publishers (IOIRP). Welcomes to all the Conference Convener to publish their respective conference proceedings with IOIRP will Publish Conference Proceeding with following norms:
1.If conference proceeding is awarded by ISBN then review process will not be repeated otherwise all accepted papers may be reviewed again by our special team for final acceptance.
2.All accepted paper must be original.
3.Camera Ready Paper (Final Paper) should be prepared as per IOIRP Paper format.
4.Conference Proceeding may be published in special issue which can be published in any month as per guidance of Conference Convener.
5.Convener may use Journal Paper Template and logo in their conference after approval of respective conference.
6.Contact : editor.ioirp@gmail.com
If all the information (solicited by IOIRP) is furnished duly, the notifications shall be informed within 5-6 working days.
1. International Conference on Innovative Research & Technology (ICIRT - 2015) 23rd May 2015
  Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Arts & Science, Dharmapuri , India
2. International Conference on Innovation in Science, Engineering & Technology (ICISET - 2016) 27th February 2016.
  Greentech College of Engineering for Women, Salem, India
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