Copyright of all accepted papers will belong to IJIRCSE and IOIRP and the author(s) must affirm that accepted papers for publication in IJIRCSE must not be re-published elsewhere without the written consent of the editor in chief of IJIRCSE. To comply with this policy, authors will be required to submit a signed copy of Copyright Transfer Form, after acceptance of their paper, before the same is published.

Copyright Policy:

The Authors understand that paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is approved. The Author may not publish his/her contribution anywhere else without the prior written permission of the publisher unless it has been changed. The Author makes sure that his/her contribution is original, except for such excerpts from copyrighted works as may be included with the permission of the copyright holder. The author ensures that it has no vilifying statements, and does not violate on any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory right, or propriety right of others.  The Author accepts full responsibility of releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors. In return for these rights:

  • All proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights.
  • The right to use all or part of this article, including tables and figures in future works of their own, provided that the proper acknowledgment is made to the Publisher as copyright holder.
  • The right to make copies of this article for his/her own use, but not for sale.
  • Authors should shoulder all the responsibility for their research-oriented papers. They must ensure that papers submitted to the journal are written with ethical standards.
  • Please note that all submissions are fully cross-checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found in a published paper, the authors will be asked to issue a written apology to the authors. Any research paper shows some signs of plagiarism will be summarily rejected and its authors may present from publishing. The authors will receive proper notification if such a situation demands.
  • This paper has not been published in the same form elsewhere.
  • It will not be submitted anywhere else for publication prior to acceptance/rejection by this Journal.
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